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According to Simmons Market Research, 72% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on their radio station. And 62% say that they would “shop more at a known business if it advertised on Christian radio.” The interesting thing is that these statistics are not just a snapshot in time from a fluke survey. These same loyalty factors have held up well for the last two and a half decades.

Our target market is young adults and college students, those between the ages of 18 to 35.
The American demographic is currently spending more than $50 Billion per year, with full-time students personally spending an average of $6,508 and part-time students personally spending an average of $5,983 annually. Although spending slightly less overall, part-time students spend proportionately more on discretionary items ($3,469 annually) than full-time students ($1,822 annually). ... More Info
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